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How modular shipping systems put pressure on efficiency…


Press report : 25 Jahre Heidler Strichcode GmbH

The Heidler barcode software ensures that parcels arrive in Shanghai, pallets in South America and containers in Australia …


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Tailored solutions for the shipping service provider


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A leading calendar publisher in Germany has optimized its logistical processes sustainably with a modular, intuitively operated tool for shipping processing …


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A smooth and punctual provision of spare parts is of great importance for many customers, because this is the only way to ensure …


Press report : user report Terex

30.10.2016  Author: Walter Heidler und Nicola Hauptmann

The status of an order can now be tracked quickly and easily at any time …

"The implementation of the [Heidler shipping system] HVS32 alone has optimized our logistics to a great extent. But with the hardware solutions for volume and weight measurement, we have ignited an efficiency turbo for our logistics processes."

- Claudia Schneider -
authorized signatory and head of supply chain management and central warehouse at Schrauben-Jäger AG

"The flexibility of the solution itself as well as the HEIDLER staff and their professionalism are real highlights. HEIDLER understands our problems and can provide us with suitable solutions. We therefore regard HEIDLER not just as a supplier, but as a partner to whom we attach great importance. The partnership offers us exactly what we need.“

- Mariusz Owczarek -
Head of IT at Ordipol
"The solution is particularly powerful due to its individual adaptability. For example, due to Saarbrücken's proximity to France, foreign carriers were also integrated into the solution in addition to the usual carriers such as DPD, Schenker and Dachser. The fact that Heidler has helped to create additional labels, such as those requested by Amazon, also helps us immensely in satisfying our customers.“

- Michele Farinella -
responsible for the Supply Chain of MTD Products AG Distribution Center