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In logistics, it is becoming increasingly important to calculate shipping rates not only by weight, but also by volume. The cargo space and loading capacity of airplanes, transport vehicles and ships are limited. Knowing not only the weight but also the volume of the individual parcels can ensure optimal spatial utilization of the transport vehicles or the subsequent rapid determination of the appropriate storage location during storage. The possibility to also record irregular object shapes ensures a reliable database.

We have developed two individual solutions for this need.

One of them is our volume recording system for pallets, the Palletcube.

Capturing the volume of pallets efficiently

Our volume scanner Palletcube is an innovative solution for measuring the volume of pallets that is cost-effective and efficient. Unlike classic volume sensing systems, which are large, mechanically operated and require maintenance, we use state-of-the-art ToF sensors to take accurate measurements. Similar to a 3D scanner, the data from the ToF sensors is used to calculate the volume of the pallet and also precisely scan the edge areas. It doesn’t matter if the pallet has irregular or uneven shapes, because our PalletCube masters this challenge effortlessly. Within seconds, a virtual outer carton is created that correctly captures all maximum dimensions of the pallet. You can simply attach our PalletCube to the warehouse ceiling or place it freestanding in your warehouse. An optional support structure allows access from three sides.  If you want to measure not only Euro pallets, but also oversized pallets in industrial format, you can use our basic pallet measuring system, which is equipped with 5 ToF sensors. It can be modularly expanded to attach up to 6 additional sensors to measure larger pallets. In addition, IP cameras for photo documentation and other extensions can be easily integrated to adapt the Palletcube to your individual requirements.

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Advantages of volume detection with the Palletcube

The volume scanner Palletcube is suitable for different fields of application. Whether

  •  in goods receiving to determine the optimal storage location
  •  in outgoing goods to plan the loading space
  •  to determine the best forwarder
  •  to control the dimension data in the forwarding depot
  •  or to transfer the data to the transport service provider.

Heidler Strichcode is your reliable partner for a comprehensive shipping process. We offer not only shipping software and logistics hardware, but also our expertise and experience to optimize your entire shipping and logistics process. With our flexible interfaces (SOAP, REST, …) our PalletCube can be seamlessly integrated into your existing upstream system and processes. By combining PalletCube with our HVS32 shipping software, you can benefit from our many years of know-how. Take this opportunity to optimize your entire shipping and logistics process.

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