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Heidler Freight Cost Management System


Our Heidler Freight Cost Management System HFMS provides you with an optimal overview of the freight cost situation in the company.

Through a seamless calculation of shipping costs, HFMS supports processes from freight optimization to invoice verification.

The following modules are available in the HFMS:

Rate structures

Bestprice Determination

Invoice audit


Tariff Simulation

XLSX Import

HFMS – Rate structures

The HFMS tariff is the basis of the HFMS. It can be modularly extended with invoice audit, statistics, tariff simulation, best price determination and Excel import.

In the HFMS tariff system, you can manage your tariffs on a multitenant and carrier-dependent basis and map a wide variety of tariffing options, among others:

  • Zone and weight based tariffs
  • Volume and/or volume weights
  • Loading meter
  • distance allowance / customer rate table
  • Surcharges such as tolls, diesel, etc.

Each tariff can be additionally provided with rules. This ranges from simple conditions such as “only for certain packaging”, “above a certain weight” to completely individualized rules for you.

Via the integrated REST interface, you can either calculate the shipment charges directly via the HVS32 shipping system or also connect your own system to the HFMS.

Tariff Import

You can import and maintain rate structures into the HFMS in several ways:

Example of a configured rate structure

Bestprice Determination

The best price determination, as part of the extension “Shipment Policy Manager” (SPM) can do more than just determine the cheapest carrier.

The goal is to select the best carrier or carrier service for a shipment.

This is made possible by a completely individually configurable set of rules. This ranges from simple rules such as a maximum weight to customer-dependent carrier exclusions.

In the final step of the carrier determination, the cheapest carrier is then selected.


The determination of the best carrier can be done in 4 different ways:

  • Interactive selection in our shipping system HVS32
  • Fully automatic decision and label printing for certain process sequences
  • Display of the best carrier in the web interface of the HFMS

Direct connection and feedback to your host system via the REST interface of the HFMS

Invoice Audit

The invoice audit extension allows you to import invoices from various carriers and compare them with the calculated shipment prices.

Within the invoice audit you can see at a glance:

  • Items billed too high
  • Items billed more than once
  • Unknown shipments


Invoice differences can then be reported to the carrier via email or exported to your host system.

Invoice overview
Details of an invoice position

Invoice statistics


The invoice verification also offers an optional evaluation function. With this option you can create completely self-defined statistics.

The output is done as required in files (CSV, XML or JSON), in printable lists or as an interactive diagram.


<p>Freight charges and number of shipments per month</p>

Freight charges and number of shipments per month

Tariff Simulation

With the extension “FENCE” (Fee Estimation for New Carrier Endeavors) the shipments calculated so far with the HFMS can be taken as a basis for a simulation.

New freight carrier offers can be stored as a tariff in HFMS and then simulated with the FENCE extension. The already calculated shipments can be  calculated again with the new tariffs and then compared.

Comparision and evaluation of the new tariff

XLSX Import

Individual Import of Microsoft® Excel® files

With the extension “IGEL” you can create and import templates for your tariff tables yourself.

You will only configure the position and format of the tariff table within the file.

The import is done automatically after selecting the layout and the file

Overview of an example Excel file
Rate structure of an example Excel file

Example structure of an Excel® file which can be imported using IGEL.

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