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Selling via Amazon sounds quite simple at first. But what is really behind it?

With regard to the sale and shipment of company products in connection with Amazon, a total of three different options are available. These are Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Vendor Direct (Dropship) and Merchant Fulfillment (Prime/MF).

What exactly is behind this will be explained below to facilitate understanding and decision-making. Here it is important to decide between manufacturer and seller.

With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the end customer orders from Amazon. Manufacturers or sellers send products to Amazon, where they are temporarily stored and then shipped from the Amazon warehouse to the end customer. The advantage here is that warehousing is a thing of the past. As a rule, all that is needed here is a label adaptation to print an Amazon-specific barcode. A good way to give the products more attention.

For the other two variants, a clear distinction should be made between vendor and manufacturer.

With Vendor Direct (Dropship), contact with end customers is facilitated because support is handled via Amazon. Manufacturers have the option of selling a certain number of their products via Amazon and then shipping them directly to the end customer. Amazon takes over the direct interaction with customers, while they have the option of either generating their labels themselves or having this done via Amazon.

As a seller, the only option is to choose between the above fulfillment and Merchant Fulfillment.

Merchant Fulfillment is especially suitable if the products are to be highlighted by the Prime logo. Prime products are particularly attractive to the end customer as they are associated with short delivery time. Due to the Prime feature, the respective product can be shipped quickly via Prime and customers usually like to choose it. The seller sends the goods directly to the end customer. For sellers who offer Prime, Merchant Fulfillment is a prerequisite.

But now the question arises: “How does the shipping software HVS32 maximize the success of Amazon sellers?”

As an Amazon seller, you must process shipments via Amazon’s web service using express delivery. But now you want to handle your shipping orders through your own shipping system? With our shipping system HVS32, in combination with the Amazon API plugin, direct communication with Amazon’s web service for requesting and generating necessary shipping labels is possible!

The HVS32 shipping software offers you direct communication with Amazon, and it also automatically determines the specific carrier service. This allows you to benefit from seamless integration into the HVS32 system and the transmission of all relevant package and item data.

In summary, it can be said that the HVS32 shipping software provides a solid foundation for optimizing your shipping solution and can be tailored to your needs with numerous shipping and expansion modules.

If you want to centralize and holistically optimize your shipping process, then contact us for an initial conversation!