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Extension Modules

The Heidler shipping system, in short HSV32 offers a variety of expansion modules. There is the option to adapt the HVS32 completely flexibly and individually to your local situation. If you cannot find a suitable extension module here, an individual Programming is possible any time


Multi Customer / client feature

Several clients (senders) can be managed using this extension module, even within the individual shipping modules so you can handle different sender accountnumbers.

Multi warehouse option

The multi warehouse option provides the handling of various freight carrier warehouses for different sites.
It includes the filing of individual warehouse indications as:

  • Warehouse address
  • Warehouse numbe
  • Warehouse-specific routing data
  • Warehouse-specific EDI settings

Customer and client option in the HVS32 is required.

Background processing (Blackbox)

The “HVS32 monitoring” windows service provides the monitoring of various HVS32 instances running centrally on the server. The monitoring service requires network capability so that „n“ workstations of the HVS32 can appropriately
distribute the incoming requests. The number of workstations depends on the volume of requests.
They can be configured so that the request data are distributed automatically or the individual instances can be activated by the interface.

With this option you don’t need to start any HVS32 Frontend on a client.

Automatic order processing

The automatic polling option deals with data procurement, communication and error handling. Error and information labels are printed if there is a problem. This ensures that the shipping system can work in the background and it is not necessarily displayed on the screen.

The automatic polling can be used on a HVS32 Client/Shipping station or in combination with the HVS32 Monitoring service as a background process on the HVS32 Server.

Processing from file (action)

Complete files with address information can be processed using this module.
After file selection (ASCII or CSV) it has to be determined what package weight or fee for the corresponding action is valid. Up to four different package weights and fees can be determined per address set.

This option is useful for shipping actions where you don’t have an order in your ERP/WMS system for it, like for catalogue or present shipments.

Dangerous goods processing ADR

The processing enables the dangerous goods shipping declaration according to ADR 2011. It is based on current knowledge of the Heidler company and it must be accepted by the corresponding customer`s dangerous materials officer before putting into operation at the customer.

Elements of the dangerous goods processing:

  • Dangerous goods data acquisition per shipment either by dispensing of dangerous goods additional sets
    in the host data input interface or manually by the program operator via a dangerous goods allocation
  • Keeping of a dangerous goods substance master table with the required physical properties as a base for
    the dangerous goods allocation. The content of the table can be updated by the import of a master file
    in the ASCII text format or by manual editing
  • Apart from the dangerous goods substance indications the following items must also be recorded: Dangerous
    goods substance weight, number and type of the dangerous goods packaging, status „limited
    quantity“, if necessary
  • Printing of dangerous goods additional labels (or dangerous goods LQ rhombus labels with activated
    status „limited quantity“
  • Creating of a transport document according to ADR with invoiced summation of the dangerous goods
    according to section ADR
  • Creating of an information sheet for the loading list by the LQ total gross weight of the freight in the case
    of LQ dangerous goods

Dangerous goods data transfer in the EDI transfer files of the freight carriers, provided that appropriate
dangerous goods transfer options are considered in the data format.

Article processing

This option gives you the ability to import and process article data within a shipment which is required for some special services and carriers.

  • Possibility of data import on article level per delivery note
  • Printout of article / package content labels
  • Individual complement upon consultation

Network Print spooler

During automatic polling operation the print spooler enables the control of label printers in the network. 
Thereby HVS32 runs centrally on a client and receives a printer name by the interface.
The printer name is provided with a corresponding output channel in the HVS32 and it is connected with the associated printer IP of the network printer.

Automatic mail notification

This module is used for sending automatically notifications of packages/shipments to the receiver/customer after the carrier picked it up.

Features of the notifications service:

  • fully customizable HTML email templates
  • definable CC, BCC, Reply addresses and subject
  • Freely definable number and decision criteria of email templates (according to the destination country,freight carrier, etc., the above mentioned settings and an email template can be deposited. Example: Allforeign addressees get an email in English, with an English subject; CC, BCC, Reply addresses of another department and other attachments)
  • Grouping of emails (e.g., according to order number, addressee, delivery note number, etc.)
  • runs as background process/windows service

The extension module includes a bilingual advice template as a standard.
We can implement customer templates on request.

Statusdata Manager (POD)

The Statusdata Manager – SEM imports the statusdata of each shipment which is provided by the carrier, so you have the full isight of each package in HVS32.
You can also export the downloaded statusdata (like P.O.D etc) back to your hostsystem.

Database archiving service

This service offers the possibility to determine at which time what shipping details shall be archived from the HVS32 main database automatically in an archive database. The interval of archiving can be configured by a planning service. Moreover, maintenance work and performance improvements are carried out automatically on the database before archiving, so that a HVS32 database with a high performance is always guaranteed. In addition, in case of an error an email for notification is automatically created.

Next to an archiving process you can also setup an automatic deletion process with this tool so you maybe don’t need to handle GPRD requests in HVS32 from customers regarding information and deletion of their data as you’ve already deleted it in HVS32 – but please consult your privacy officer for processes like this.

Amazon Prime Plugin

If you are already Amazon Seller and want to print your Amazon shippinglabels also with the HVS32 dispatch system you can use the Amazon Plugin within our Heidler Carrier API for the direct communication between HVS32 and Amazon Merchant Fulfillment API.
The Plugin can also handle the from Amazon provided carrier service choice with rules and filters.


  • direct communication from your HVS32 server to Amazon (Merchant Fulfillment API)
  • automatic choice of the correct carrier service
  • transfer of all relevant shipment and article data*
  • seamless integration into HVS32
  • integration to your shipping process with the existing interface to the HVS32 dispatchsystem*

Freight cost check / best price determination

The Heidler Freight Cost Management System supports all your freight billing processes. The
system displays different billing variants and freight conditions for all transport modalities. This creates the necessary transparency to avoid incorrect or duplicate invoices, as well as being charged unjustified additional costs. The automated monitoring of freight costs allows the detection of deficits, reduces costs, and improves processes.

In addition, with the help of the included Heidler tariff, we offer you the possibility to determine your optimal/cheapest shipping method based on your shipping data. Freight simulations to predetermine freight costs and available carriers are also no problem for the system

See full Details here: HFMS

"The implementation of the [Heidler shipping system] HVS32 alone has optimized our logistics to a great extent. But with the hardware solutions for volume and weight measurement, we have ignited an efficiency turbo for our logistics processes."

- Claudia Schneider -
authorized signatory and head of supply chain management and central warehouse at Schrauben-Jäger AG

"The flexibility of the solution itself as well as the HEIDLER staff and their professionalism are real highlights. HEIDLER understands our problems and can provide us with suitable solutions. We therefore regard HEIDLER not just as a supplier, but as a partner to whom we attach great importance. The partnership offers us exactly what we need.“

- Mariusz Owczarek -
Head of IT at Ordipol
"The solution is particularly powerful due to its individual adaptability. For example, due to Saarbrücken's proximity to France, foreign carriers were also integrated into the solution in addition to the usual carriers such as DPD, Schenker and Dachser. The fact that Heidler has helped to create additional labels, such as those requested by Amazon, also helps us immensely in satisfying our customers.“

- Michele Farinella -
responsible for the Supply Chain of MTD Products AG Distribution Center