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HVS32: HEIDLER receives the coveted UPS Ready® certification
UPS, the world’s largest parcel service headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), stands for more than 5.5 billion parcels delivered per year. The company sets standards not only in terms of reliable transport solutions, but is also one of the premium service providers in the parcel and logistics segment in this country.

Much of what the company once known as “United Parcel Service” stands for also applies to us at HEIDLER. With HVS32, our in-house shipping system with over 300 integrated freight guides, we offer you the standard for smooth shipping management.

Our claim is to give you maximum freedom of choice when selecting your transport partner. That’s why we’ve chosen UPS Ready® certification, which significantly expands your options.

We would be happy to explain to you which advantages result from UPS Ready® certification and what this means in concrete terms.

Simply explained: This is what UPS Ready® stands for

The US global player UPS represents a significant part of the German parcel and express market with a market share of about 13 percent. The company offers customised shipping solutions that cover the entire range of shipping and order management, including warehouse management. However, only shipping software that has UPS Ready® certification provides secure access to these convenience services.

In your interest: HEIDLER’s own HVS32 shipping system received this accreditation in November 2019 after undergoing a complex certification process. This makes us one of the first German shipping system providers to make the most important part of the UPS® portfolio available to you as our customer in a standardised form.

UPS Ready® offers you as a shipper these advantages:

  • Intuitive access to key UPS® solutions through our shipping software.
  • Anytime shipping in compliance with applicable UPS requirements using HEIDLER’s HVS32 shipping software
  • Access to countless shipping options as well as shipment tracking.

Our aim is to make your shipping process as simple as possible. This is precisely why we are constantly developing our HVS32 shipping software. The programme is holistically designed, can be adapted to your needs thanks to its modular structure and offers everything that an efficient shipping system must offer from a single source. UPS Ready® certification extends the range of functions accordingly. UPS Ready® = central

UPS shipping services uniformly available via HVS32

In view of the variety of shipping options available to you as a shipper with whatever volume, reliable technology is needed in the background. In the course of certifying HVS32 in line with UPS Ready® standards, we took exactly the step that was needed to achieve this. The special thing about this is that our shipping software is now perfectly integrated into UPS’s technology tools. This not only simplifies handling, but also optimises the associated processes.

Would you like an example? Thanks to UPS Ready® certification, many processes that you go through with this premium parcel service are made much more efficient. For example, by avoiding input errors due to previously inadequate integration. At the same time, many UPS® services are available to you more quickly thanks to simplified EDI test cases. Instead, you only need test labels before integrating UPS into your shipping management. It couldn’t be simpler!

In plain language: With our industry standard HVS32, you focus on simplifying the entire outbound process. Manual processes are reduced or disappear completely, and you also gain access to shipping services from more than 300 national and international transport companies. With a multitude of ERP / WMS interfaces, including SAP, Sage or MS AX, there is also direct data exchange with your host system.

Sample of UPS® services now available through HVS32

Fast, error-free shipments are a key competitive advantage as digitisation continues. Regardless of the industry, whether it’s e-commerce or retail, it’s important to focus more on customer needs. With HVS32, our powerful shipping solution with a modular structure, you have all the tools you need to do this – in one and the same system and for more than 300 carriers. Use plug-ins for freight cost optimisation, dangerous goods handling or best price calculation to concentrate on the essentials.

Thanks to the UPS Ready® certification, HVS32 offers you access to important UPS services since November 2019, simply and absolutely compatible. Here is a selection of those shipping options:

  • UPS EXPRESS® 12:00

Also you can choos from additional services such as:

  • Saturday delivery
  • Cash on delivery
  • Receiver-Confirmation 
  • Return service
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Return-Service one/three-attemp
  • Return-Service selfprint
  • Return-Service Electronic Label
  • World Ease
  • (Adult) Signature Required

It’s clear: HVS32 provides you with everything you need for first-class customer service in the digital age in just one system. No comparable dispatch software offers you a higher level of functionality and at the same time conceivably simple handling. Find out more here.

Any questions about HVS32 or UPS Ready®?

One characteristic of our shipping software is the local installation of the servers. We do not connect to a third party server or to a cloud, instead HVS32 is fully available to you on your own server. This ensures full control over your data – at all times and without compromise.

We would be happy to provide you with insights into our system or answer any questions you may have about the range of services provided by UPS Ready® certification. To do so, contact us at any time without obligation!