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Master data maintenance: Volume recording made easy with ProductCube from HEIDLER

The constantly growing number of products that have different specifics or key values is not only shaping e-commerce. Modern technology makes it possible to take customer needs into account to a much greater extent than before – this often results in several variants of an item that differ in terms of their dimensions (height, width, length, weight). But while the production of such products has been simplified, higher demands are placed on warehousing as well as freight and shipping management.

The central question: How can the range of articles be efficiently segmented and a shipping and storage volume be recorded in order to keep costs low?

HEIDLER introduces you to the challenges of volume analysis and shows you how to record volumes simply and cost-effectively with the help of ProductCube.

Once basic: These difficulties become apparent when volume is taken into account

Every mail order company, spare parts producer or e-commerce retailer knows how difficult it is to correctly capture volume data. As a rule, these are not recorded in the EDP as part of the item master data; instead, manual recording forms the standard of practice. Instead of an XYZ analysis, which sets a value limit for each segment (X, Y, Z) in terms of part volume and assigns it to individual articles, the reality is less methodical.

The basic principle: regardless of the chosen recording method, articles are measured and weighed, and the resulting data then find their way into the upstream ERP or WMS. Important article master data such as length (L), height (H), width (W) and weight are documented here. Based on this data, an optimal packaging size can then be selected in the subsequent shipping process. This reduces costs due to a better choice of shipping option, and also reduces the consumption of filling material.

This important information is only supplied sporadically by manufacturers and retailers, and the effort required by the producer to assign the corresponding values to each article is considerable. Partly due to the high number of products or due to a lack of digital records.

This is exactly where HEIDLER comes in, because with our ProductCube volume scanner we offer a solution that helps to prepare item master data simply, quickly and cost-effectively. You can find out more about this in the next paragraph.

Product specifications of the ProductCube volume scanner at a glance

To ensure smooth warehouse management, exact item master data is required. However, since these are only partially provided, retailers are usually responsible for determining exact dimensions themselves and thus preparing them for picking and resale. HEIDLER offers an easy-to-use DWS system with ProductCube. This ensures a solid freight calculation, and storage areas or required packaging materials can also be precisely defined.

Excursus “DWS system”: The abbreviation stands for “Dimensioning Weighing and Scanning”, which refers to volume measurement using a light grid measuring gate. You can use it to reliably measure cubic as well as non-cubic objects. The technology is capable of detecting even foiled (packaged) objects – regardless of the reflections emanating from the object.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Volume and weight detection in one pass
  • Non-contact recording with high precision (graduation: 2mm)
  • Simple export options for transferring data via CSV file or to an SQL database
  • Integration into your existing warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse management software (WMS) or ERP system
  • Mobile use thanks to battery module, WLAN connectivity as well as the possibility of use via trolley

    As you can see: HEIDLER ProductCube makes volume scanning not only simple and cost-effective, but also reliable and efficient. Take your master data maintenance to a new level and optimise the use of resources in your company.

    Recommendations for the use of products from HEIDLER’s “Volume Capture” segment

    The special feature of our product is the fact that volume and weight capture can be combined. This not only saves time and money, but also provides reliable article information – usable in goods and goods issue, but also in procurement. Optimise your use of space easily, because HEIDLER ProductCube offers maintenance-free and wear-free item handling in every context. We explain below how you can easily generate and prepare shipping data with the help of certain accessories.

    Focus “camera capture”: With the help of a camera, you can simultaneously create one (or more) product photo and transfer this to the master data management. Many of our customers who sell spare parts or small parts, for example, also use this option to prepare marketing materials. For this purpose, photos are taken from different perspectives. The scale table with its black glass plate provides a good contrast to highlight the objects. An alternative, with which even higher quality photographs can be taken, is the “photo square”. For this, a white background is created so that camera shots can be taken via the tripod. Data is then transferred via cable (USB). Volume measurement and image creation – two birds with one stone!

    Focus “reference scale”: For small parts that need to be recorded with a higher accuracy (1g), we offer corresponding accessories. The precision scale can be used instead of the normal load cells. It is based on a flat weighing frame that is sufficiently stable to easily insert the individual parts – and to reliably measure and record data.

    Do you have any questions about the product? We will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have about combined volume and weight measurement. Please feel free to contact us at any time!