Shippingsystem HVS32

  • 280+ integrated carriers
  • many interfaces
  • UPS Ready ®
  • Best price determination

Volume measurement

Innovative solutions for

Volume measurement of pallets,

Packages & articles

One stop for all:

  • label printer
  • parcel scales
  • blank labels

Press publications
Heidler Strichcode GmbH

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Pressemeldung : Anwenderbericht Walter Medien

How modular shipping systems put pressure on efficiency…


Pressemeldung : 25 Jahre Heidler Strichcode GmbH

The Heidler barcode software ensures that parcels arrive in Shanghai, pallets in South America and containers in Australia …


Pressemeldung : Anwendungbericht Brockhaus

Tailored solutions for the shipping service provider…


Pressemeldung : Anwenderbericht Ferdinand Gross

Automated shipping systems: Silent Efficient Boosters …


Pressemeldung : Anwenderbericht Korsch Verlag

A leading calendar publisher in Germany has optimized its logistical processes sustainably with a modular, intuitively operated tool for shipping processing …


Pressemeldung : Anwenderbericht Roman Mayer Logistik Group

A smooth and punctual provision of spare parts is of great importance for many customers, because this is the only way to ensure …


Pressemeldung : Anwenderbericht Terex

30.10.2016  Author: Walter Heidler und Nicola Hauptmann

The status of an order can now be tracked quickly and easily at any time …

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